The Backdoor Theater
is a non-profit organization created in the year 2000
to bring a wide variety of entertainment to the 260 seat venue.

35mm film showings of current, foreign, and classic cinema
takes place most Friday and Saturday evenings.
( see current schedule )

We believe in offering a night's out entertainment at very reasonable prices
($6 adults - kids -12-under $5.) (cheap concessions)
- in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere -
- without the usual assault of advertising on the screen -

Live theater offerings take place throughout the year:
2001- presented "The Masked Canary" comic musical melodrama
2002- presented "Oh Horrors, It's Murder" comic mystery musical

2002- launched the "Backdoor Chamber Music Festival"
December - our annual Christmas Program.

Special Event Shows can happen at any time!

We have a number of different classes in dance and music
that are being taught on our stage.

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